back to Products De-NOx Systems Selective Catalytic Reduction(SCR) or Non Catalytic Reduction are employed taking into account the combustion process and equipment to remove NOx De-SOx Systems NOVARGI designs and supplies SOx, dioxines, furanes and other contaminants like Chlorine and Heavy Metals abatement units through different ways taking into account the best process to match …

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back to Products NOVARGI delivers gas dryers suitable for water and moisture removal from gas streams. Molecular sieves are used in this application in a lead-lag configuration in order to assure a continuous operation. Regeneration skids are supplied based on electric heaters for molecular sieve regeneration.

Hot oil Heater for petrochemical

back to Products Fired Heaters are widely used in the petrochemical industry and Novargi supplies every kind of heaters for different applications. The heaters are designed according to API 560 standard or as per Novargi proprietary design. Please find below the type of heaters supplied for the petrochemical industry: Start-up Heaters Hot Oil Heaters Steam …

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