Modularized Fired Heater

back to Products NOVARGI owns the in-house capability to design all types of process heaters. Fired heaters can be produced in the following types in accordance with Client needs: Cylindrical Fired Heaters Cabin Type Fired Heater Air Preheating Systems Helical Coil Heaters Others NOVARGI always accommodate to each client’s individual design specifications. Due to the …

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back to Products The Heater Treater enhances the separation of inlet multiphase flow components into a single, compact and efficient unit. These units are designed according to API12L standard and NOVARGI’s proprietary design, which is optimum for challenging emulsions of heavy and extra-heavy crude oil and water.NOVARGI’s heater treaters combine both heating and coalescing capabilities …

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indirect Heater

back to Products These packages typically consist of a vessel for water bath atmospheric pressure, where flue gases coming from the burner or from combustion chamber are employed to heat a bath, which heat up the process stream coming from the wellhead. Indirect heaters are designed in accordance with API 12K.