Gas Treatment

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Heat Recovery Steam Generators

back to Products NOVARGI has established itself as an independent supplier of Waste Heat Boilers (WHB) and Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) the Oil & Gas Industry. NOVARGI develops in house the thermal sizing and process design of the whole Boiler Package. To ensure an optimized performance of the Boiler, it is necessary an optimum …

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back to Products NOVARGI designs and supplies complete incineration systems, combining the experience in difficult fuels, fuel mixtures, waste gases and other residues. NOVARGI provides Incineration packages composed of thermal incinerator, combustion air blowers, waste heat boiler, incinerator stack, in compliance wit

back to Products NOVARGI owns the in-house capability to design all types of process heaters. Fired heaters can be produced in the following types in accordance with Client needs: Cylindrical Fired Heaters Cabin Type Fired Heater Air Preheating Systems Helical Coil Heaters Indirect Bath Heaters Others

back to Products NOVARGI delivers gas dryers suitable for water and moisture removal from gas streams. Molecular sieves are used in this application in a lead-lag configuration in order to assure a continuous operation. Regeneration skids are supplied based on electric heaters for molecular sieve regeneration.

back to Products NOVARGI supplies triethylene glycol dehydration units designed as per API 12GDU standard which are widely used in the Oil & Gas Upstream Industry. Both water and BTEX are removed from gas streams in these units. The main items are the contactor where the inlet gas and the glycol are put in contact …

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