Dryer Package for Reliance

Delivery of Dryer Package for Reliance – Sibur Butyl Rubber (IIR) Project in Jamnagar (Gujarat), India

Novargi has delivered satisfactorily the dryer package for Butyl Rubber (IIR) Project in Jamnagar for Reliance- Sibur. The package has been completely designed by Novargi Industries S.L. and has been manufactured in Spain. The package has been completely tested before delivery by Tüv Nord Company and Reliance representatives attended to the final inspection at workshop.

The Dryer Package has been designed to treat three different streams of ethyl chloride, isopentane and n-hexane to meet Reliance – Sibur specifications. The regeneration heater will be supplied within the package to heat up a nitrogen gas stream to regenerate the adsorbents contained in the dryer vessels.

The Dryer Package is composed of four skids including interconnecting piping between them to facilitate the installation at site.

Novargi is looking forward to continuing supporting Reliance in the future in Jamnagar Refinery after the successful delivery of the Dryer Package.