Delivery of Electrostatic Heater Treater for Lukoil Ritek

Alekseevskaya Oil Treatment Plant – Volgograd, Russia

Novargi has delivered satisfactorily the electrostatic heater treater for Lukoil Ritek in Volgograd, Russia. The package has been completely designed by Novargi Industries S.L. and it has been manufactured in Spain.
Heater-treater HT-001 is designed to treat 42,956 kg/h of crude oil feed at an operating pressure of 600 kPa(g) and a minimum inlet temperature of 12ºC. The design capacity considers a 10% overdesign from the maximum foreseen capacity.
The dimensions of heater treater HT-001 are 2,400 mm inside diameter and 10,200 mm of length between tangents, and the equipment has been delivered completely modularized and ready to be installed at site.
Novargi is looking forward to continuing supporting Lukoil Ritek in the future in the framework of other technological packages for crude oil and gas treatment.