Once Through Steam Generator (OTSG)

Novargi’s in-depth experience in cutting edge thermal processes projects where engineering requirements are put to the limits of best technological practices, has enabled the company to develop proprietary engineering that enables it to design and fabricate compact Once Through Steam Generator (OTSG) to attend the requirements of the Heavy and Extra Heavy Oil production industry.

OTSGs are designed specifically for each application depending on the following points:

  • Steam quality.SAGD  (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage) requires a 100% steam quality and for steamflooding applications  80% steam quality could suffice.
  • Water quality. As steam-to-oil rate could vary from 2 to 3, the water necessities are very high and this implies that produced water has to be recycled back. Depending on the water quality the steam quality shall be adjusted.
  • Available fuel. Our system can work with Natural Gas, Fuel Gas, Crude Oil and Diesel.
  • Thermal Efficiency. This parameter is critical as the energy consumption is very high (typically 1,500 MJ/bbl). Our system efficiency can range about more than 85%.
  • Emission restrictions. NOx and CO restrictions might imply different burner and combustion technology.
  • NOVARGI offers customized solutions for steam injection on skid mounted unit that allows the operator the following:
    • Fully automatized system with HMI system.
    • ESD/PLC safety integrated system.
    • Data Management and system Diagnosis
    • Communications with Main Control system