Gas-to-Liquid Technology


Novargi® Modified FT process

Integration of technological concepts on Novargi® Modified GTL processNovargi® Modified Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis will bridge the gap  between small and medium Gas Fields and Chemical / Fuel Indrustry for a sustainable economy in the World.

Novargi® Modified FT Synthesis is focused on maximizing the diesel and gasoline output and at the same time minimizing waxes production. This process renders viable to convert Associated Petroleum Gas, Stranded Natural Gas or Shale Gas Fields into Fuel motors, which are ready to be pumped in Oil ducts or consumed locally.

This GTL process scheme is based on the following concepts:

  • Process intensification
  • The plant is designed to be portable
  • Syngas generation reactors are modular
  • Fischer-Tropsch reactors are modular
  • Plan design could be adapted to severe environment qualification, such as: Extreme Cold Weather condition, Maritime environment or non-attended operation are key parameters

Novargi® Modified FT Synthesis is based on compact and modular Syngas and Fischer Tropsch reactors enabling economic Gas-to-Liquids plants from 500 bbl/day  to 3,500 bbl/day.

Our Small GTL Plants are designed to be simple, robust, portable and compact keeping the CAPEX at the lowest possible level with reduced OPEX.

Plant size and weight reductions are several times in comparison to  conventional GTL plants

  • Produces ultra-low (near zero) sulfur synthetic oil
  • Synthetic crude oil can be distillated into several cuts
  • Obtained Fuel Liquids can be shipped and marketed like conventional crude oils or introduced in process lines


New synthetic fuels with Novargi® Modified GTL process


Blend composition % volumetric
LPG <10
Gasoline 25
Diesel 55
Waxes <10
  • Minimizing the waxes and maximising C5+ selectivity (diesel and gasoline).
  • This process is applied to small and medium scale from 100 bbl/d up to 1500 bbl/d.
  • In-situ upgrading: it does not require downstream refining
  • The process employs proprietary equipment (reactors) and catalyst: process scheme and catalysts are registered and patented.
  • High modularity and compactness adapting to most stringent requirements in the industry.
  • Novel reactor technologies based on Process intensification
  • Syngas generation reactors are modular
  • Fischer-Tropsch reactors are modular
  • Maritime environment or Extreme Cold Weather Qualification as per request
  • Neutral balances of water and electricity
  • Produce zero waste and rationalize the use of raw materials
  • Electricity production with Tail Gas can increase Field energy efficiency and allow remote energy production

Novargi® Modified PROCESS Scheme

Level 1: Overall Process design
  • Steam reforming and Fischer-Tropsch at the same pressure level
  • Different productions strategies: parallel or/serial
  • Modularization
Level 2: Reactor design
  • Heat removal: high heat transfer coefficient
  • High mass transfer coefficient
  • In situ water removal
  • Short diffusion length
  • Micro-channels
  • Low pressure drop
  • No fouling
  • Modular
Level 3: Catalyst Design
  • High activity
  • Open morphology
  • Short diffusion length
  • Fischer-Tropsch and upgrading together (< 5% waxes).
  • High selectivities to diesel-gasoline (up to 75%)
  • High catalyst strength and stability


Applications of Novargi® Modified FT process

Novargi® Modified FT Synthesis targets medium and small gas fields and Associated petroleum gas, where Small Gas-to-Liquids plants are very suitable with our technology.


Novargi's Fischer-Tropsch Modified Proprietary Catalysts

Novargi presents its Fischer-Tropsch Modified Proprietary Catalysts to produce Motor fuels from Synthesis Gas, the NFT-010 and NFT-100. These catalysts are very active and adequate to maximize liquid production with a minimum wax output. These catalysts are envisioned to convert Natural Gas, Shale Gas, Associated Petroleum Gas or Synthesis Gas into liquids in-situ without further refining processes.

NFT-010 present a high activity and great diesel output and the NFT-100 is slightly less active than NFT-010 but maximize gasoline cut and produce almost zero waxes.

NFT-010 and NFT-100 Catalysts product distributionNovargi's FT product distribution figures