Novargi awarded the design and supply of one Thermal Oxidizer Package and Waste Heat Boiler for Maleic Anhydride (MAN) Plant in Russia

Novargi has been awarded a contract to design and supply one Thermal Oxidizer Package and Waste Heat Boiler for PJSC Tatneft for its Maleic Ahydride (MAN) Plant located in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia.

The Thermal Oxidizer Package is designed to destruct the gaseous and liquid effluents produced in the MAN Plant and to produce 75 TM of superheated steam at 450 ºC. The package is designed according to the Russian Federation regulations and codes.

The scope of supply includes the design and supply of the thermal oxidizer including the burner and combustion air blower, waste gas preheater package, waste heat boiler, steam drum, fuel gas skid, stack and all the interconnecting piping between the equipment. Additionally, it will be supplied all the instrumentation, necessary ancillaries and safety devices to run the unit in a safe and reliable way.

With this important project, Novargi strengthen its position in the Russian market and continues its growth in the international Petrochemical Industry.

Thermal Incinerator Package