Novargi awarded the design and supply of three (3) Waste Heat Recovery Sections (WHRS) for LNG Plant in Das Island (Abu Dhabi)

Novargi has been awarded a contract to design and supply three (3) Waste Heat Recovery Sections (WHRS) for Tecnicas Reunidas for ADNOC LNG Project in Das Island, Abu Dhabi.

The Waste Heat recovery Sections (WHRS) are designed to recover the waste heat contained in the flue gases coming from three (3) gas turbines and to heat up a thermal oil stream up to 230 ºC for other thermal consumers in the LNG plant.

The scope of supply includes the design and supply of the waste heat recovery sections, flue gas distributors, main and by-pass stacks, trim air coolers with its skids, CO2 fire extinguishing system, auxiliaries including the instrumentation for the safe and reliable operation of the units.

With this important project, Novargi strengthen its position in the Middle East market and continues its growth in the international oil & gas industry.