Refining and Petrochemicals

NOVARGI is a world leader designer and provider of refining units and process packages. 

Petrochemical industry is an important downstream industry which products can be converted into several industrial and consumer products, including plastics, rubber, paints fertilizers, detergents, textiles and solvents.

Among them, the company is specialized in Process Fired Heaters, Steam Methane Reformers, Waste Heat Recovery Systems, Incineration Packages and others.


Crude Oil Treatment

Over the years NOVARGI has supplied different crude oil treatment packages for the upstream industry.

Gas Processing

NOVARGI owns the capability to deliver gas processing packages or complete gas processing plants comprising the next packages, as required by our Clients.


NOVARGI provides Environmental Systems for gas pollution management and such as DeNOx Systems, DeSOx Systems, Dedusting and Flue Gas Treatment Units for the Industry.  Among the environmental packages supplied, the next flu gas treatment units are considered: