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Gas Processing Facility

Location: Crude Oil Terminal In Ain Sokhna, Egypt

30 MW Hot Oil Heater Package

Crude Oil Terminal (Midstream)

  • Client: ENPPI / SUMED
  • Twin Fired Heaters designed as per API 560
  • Dual firing burners suitable for Fuel Gas and Fuel Oil firing

60 MMSCFD Gas Dehydration Package & Incinerator

Gas Processing Facility (Upstream)

  • Client: Occidental Petroleum Corporation Oman (OXY)
  • Gas Dehydration and Regeneration Package based on TEG absorption
  • Guaranteed 7lb/MMSCFD of water content in processed gas
  • Thermal Incinerator Package for flashed gases and vent gases incineration
Gas Processing Facility

Location: Wadi Latham, Oman

Convection Banks for Steam Methane Reformer

Location: Ain Sokhna, Egypt

51,6 MW Convection Banks for Steam Methane Reformer

Ammonia Production Facility (Petrochemical)

  • Client: ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions / El-Nasr Company for Intermediate Chemicals (NCIC)
  • Complete Convection Banks as per UHDE License including crossovers
  • Convection Banks delivered in modularized sections including internal lining and process coils ready to be installed at site

50,000 MTPY Thermal Incinerator Package

Maleic Anhydride (MAN) Plant (Petrochemical)

  • Client: PJSC Tatneft
  • Thermal Incinerator Package for gaseous, aqueous and organic effluents incineration
  • Waste Heat Boiler Package for 75 MT of superheated steam generation
Thermal Incinerator Package

Location: Bugulma, Russia

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