two (2) Air Preheating Packages for Cairo Refinery in Egypt

Novargi has been awarded of a contract to design and supply two (2) Air Preheaters (1F-1 & 4H-1) for Cairo Oil Refining Company (CORC).

The Air Preheaters are designed to enhance the efficiency of the topping heaters 1F-1 and 4H-1 by heating up the combustion air using the excess energy of the flue gases exiting the convection section of the heaters. Air preheaters are a gas-gas heat exchangers consisting of two (2) modules of tubes connected by a steel crossover duct. The first module of tubes is composed of corten tubes (hot module) and the second module of tubes is composed of glass tubes (cold module).

The supply shall also include Design, Manufacturing, Supply of goods, Testing, Inspection, Spare Parts, Training, Operating Service, Certification, Packing, Services and Documentation for the equipment fully in accordance with Project Specifications.

With this important project, Novargi strengthen its position in the Egyptian Oil & Gas market.