Feasibility studies and consultancy services for Process Units and Packages

Novargi process department provides full assistance with regard to different Process Units technical studies:


  • Process units capacity increase
  • Efficiency Improvement
  • Debottlenecking strategies
  • Material studies
  • Pollutant emissions control
  • Combustion consultancy services
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) studies
CFD study
New Air Preheating System for API 560 Process Fired Heater

Process Units Revamps

Novargi owns wide experience performing process units revamps over the years and to assist the Oil & Gas operators in the modernization of their production plants in order to meet the current international standards and local regulations in terms of units thermal efficiency, pollutants emissions limits, etc.

Novargi is responsible of the issuance of the process and mechanical guarantees of the process units which have been revamped.

Executed revamping works on different process units to the date comprised the next activities:


  • Burners replacement on Process Fired Heaters
  • Replacement of coils on Process Fired Heaters
  • Revamping of Air Preheating Systems
  • Supply of new Air Preheating Systems
  • Replacement of rotating equipment (API 673 fans)
  • Revamping of fuel skids

Site Services

Novargi provides full assistance to its clients with regard to different site supervision activities till the final start-up of the process units supplied:


  • Construction activities: Novargi supervisors are deployed at site to supervise all the site erection activities, upon client request. Critical components installation or refractory lining application are the kind of activities which are usually requested by the operators to be supervised by Novargi experienced team.
  • Pre-commissioning and Commissioning activites: Once the site erection activies are finalized, Novargi Process and E&I teams supervise these activities in order to make sure that the unit is ready to be put in operation. Novargi coordinates the site assistance of the critical components subvendors representatives in order to act as single focal point when communicating with the plant operator. The Mechanical Completion certificate is signed when Novargi experience team finalizes the commissioning activities requested by Client.
  • Start-up activities: Novargi team leads the start-up of the process units supplied at site in order to assure a smooth units operation.
  • Training services: Training activities are provided when requested by the operators with regard to process units control, maintenance and safety operation.
Renco commissioning activities

After Sales Services

Novargi provides full assistance to its clients with regard to after sales services. The services may comprise the next activities:


Technical support during the operation of the process units

  • Process units inspections
  • Technical studies
  • Maintenance activities

Spare parts sourcing

  • Burner components
  • Rotating equipment components
  • Pressure parts
  • Refractory lining
  • Instrumentation and electrical components
  • Control panel components

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