back to Products Waste Heat Sections are commonly used in refinery in order to recover the exhaust heat coming from different units and increase the overall thermal efficiency. In some cases, low medium and high pressure steam is produced in these systems and in other cases the recovered heat is used to heat up a …

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thermal incinerator

back to Products Thermal incinerators can be used to reduce emissions from almost all volatile organic compounds sources, including reactor vents, distillation vents, solvent operations, etc. in the refinery.All combustible materials are oxidized in the thermal incinerator by raising the temperature of the material above its auto-ignition point in the presence of oxygen, and maintaining …

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back to Products The Steam Methane Reformer is one of the critical units in a refinery or a petrochemical facility, responsible of the Syngas production to further use into Hydrogen, Ammonia or Methanol among potential final products. The Steam Methane Reformers can be of multiple type, depending on the licensor basic design. NOVARGI supplies complete …

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Fired Heater

back to Products Process Fired heaters are used in most of the refinery processes and NOVARGI owns the in-house capability to design all types of process heaters. Our designers are experienced with the requirements of ISO 13705 (API 560) and related standards within the industry.Novargi provides a wide range of refinery heaters, among them: Topping …

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back to Products Different types of chemical dosing packages are designed and supplied, among them: De-chlorination dosing packages to remove chlorides from the produced water Antiscalant dosing packages in order to delay the precipitation of the salts Others Dosing packages are supplied including tanks, dosing pumps, control panel, etc.

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Heat Recovery Steam Generators

back to Products NOVARGI has established itself as an independent supplier of Waste Heat Boilers (WHB) and Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) the Oil & Gas Industry. NOVARGI develops in house the thermal sizing and process design of the whole Boiler Package. To ensure an optimized performance of the Boiler, it is necessary an optimum …

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back to Products NOVARGI designs and supplies complete incineration systems, combining the experience in difficult fuels, fuel mixtures, waste gases and other residues. NOVARGI provides Incineration packages composed of thermal incinerator, combustion air blowers, waste heat boiler, incinerator stack, in compliance wit